During my second week in the company, as what I found in my first week, my supervisor did not ask me to do anything specific. However, I spent a lot of time in two things except the Christmas party last Wednesday evening.

First, I was trying to gather more information for possible business opportunities in Taiwan and to read case studies. I am a consultant rather than a sale, but I do look forward to going back to Taipei for business and projects. That is why I was trying to find out more business opportunities in Taipei for my company.
After few contact with my old colleagues and friends in Taipei, I have found three possible opportunities in Taiwan for my company. All of them are leading commercial banks in Taipei. I have sent an email to contribute these three business leads to my company and am waiting for the response.

Second, I read many real case studies about how the company delivered their consulting services to their clients. The cases studies are extensive and include architecture of risk management, implementation of treasury application, evaluation of CRM solutions, performance improvement of databases, and application upgrading. It was very interested and helpful for me to go deep into the past real cases. I shall keep reading more case studies before I start to involve a project later.

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