Over the past two weeks, I have read through a lot of training materials and case studies found from the internal knowledge share database. It was very interesting for me to sit and read a lot in the office, but I was expecting to join training courses or projects to learn more real business rather than theories on the papers.

Hence, I decided to work and act more actively. I sent an email to my division manager to state my current status and to mention that I will be pleased to work on any internal or external project. The manager replied the email in 10 minutes and gave his apologies for not sitting down with me in the last couple of weeks because he was busy in budgeting and planning for the next year.
The next day, the manager came to have a short meeting with me. He asked me to join a project team starting from the next week and to help in an internal project to set up the training framework for all consultants in the company. This assignment is suitable and helpful for me to start from my familiar area and learn further in project cycles and training framework.

The kick off meeting for the project will be held next week. I believe that these few days will be my last easy days in the office. We will see.

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