As all starters did before, I was assigned a performance manager to assist and monitor my performance to meet objectives during my probation period. Normally, the objectives are initially given to starters by their performance managers, and discussed and agreed between the starters and managers later. Unlike other junior analysts, I was asked to set up my objectives on my own by my performance manager and discuss them after she comes back from a long Christmas holiday.

The request to set up my own objectives sounds fair and reasonable to me, because I have got some managerial experience before. However, it is still the first time for me to write down my objectives in English. Thanks to the Google. I found a very helpful article about how to write good work objectives. I read over the article carefully and followed its steps to set up my objectives.
The draft of the objectives for my probation includes four points after considering the company’s business goals and needs and my current existing skills. First objective is “Contribute more than 15 men days with good feedback of organising, communication, and teamwork from team members and clients in external or internal projects”, which consists with the company’s core business and expectation of a professional consultant. It is not easy for a starter to achieve the objective especially during the low business season in December. However, it is still achievable for me because I have joined an internal project to test the company’s training framework and may start my first external project in a major global commercial bank in January.

My second objective is “Identify and pass at least two possible opportunities to sales team to follow up”, which I have achieved by passing three sales leads in Taiwan to our sales team. The third and fourth objectives are related to training and self studies in some necessary skills and knowledge required for the job.

Before my performance manager comes back to the office in January, I still have some time to refine my objectives for the last six weeks of my probation period. It was very difficult for me to write down my objectives, but the things went easier after I read through the useful article about writing work objectives. I would like to share and recommend the article to any beginner in writing work objectives.

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