Long Vacation

幾年前曾看過這齣日劇 'Long Vacation',很喜歡劇中女主角
Minami 的角色,也喜歡劇中的音樂。

女主角 Minami 低潮的時候,男主角 Sena 對 Minami 說出的一段話,也就是 Long Vacation 劇名的由來。


When you feel dissatisfied about career or emotions (love),
and all other things would appear to not be going smoothly,
It feels like you lack an opportunity to make changes
And you have made efforts to try to create opportunities,
But have so far been unsuccessful; please do not complain
For this is what God gives to you : a Long Vacation

During this Vacation, you should relax both body and soul
Enjoy the life that God has given to us
And care for people around us
During this period, thou shalt not be bothered to fight for whatever
All will be arranged by God
After the expiry of the long holiday, opportunity will present itself
Life’s many changes

Long Vacation (1996)

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