I started my job on Monday and am excited to join the company.

For the past week, no one asked me to do anything in the office, but I had a lot of things to do. It's a truly consultant's work style which I have to work self motivated and to get myself prepared for any coming projects. It doesn't mean that I need to work solely and alone. Actually, I will join some project teams to work with 4~6 experienced consultants who have more than 15 years experiences in Banking or IT consultancy industries in a global basis.
It is a really good chance for me to learn something interesting in project management, IT knowledge, and business know-how in trading and capital market section of banking industry from experienced people internal and external in client's and vendor's sites. I am excited to start my first job in London and feel like a little child to curiously look at the new world. As a consultant, I will regard myself as a sponge to absorb everything I need for the job, digest them, and so on.

A formal and important training is coming next week. I hope I can get through it eventually. Good luck.

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