Office design may be not the most important for the company, but can still represent its cultures and image to its staff and clients. Compared to typical office design of open area and natural colour style for banks’ office, office design for a consultancy firm is sort of special to fulfil the firm’s nature of flexibility and mobility of its consultants.

My first look at the office design and layout of the company was very impressive. The office is separated into two big sections with totally different designs and functionalities. One section is for conferences with its clients. The design of the section is a modern and professional style with many modern drawings. The other section is the office for its consultants and general supporting staff. The design in the office section is a functional and open style.
The most impressive designs in the office section are two things. First, the general manager’s office is the first place next to the front gate and there is no door. It gives me a strong image that the culture in the company is very open and all staff are welcome to talk with the GM. Second, there is no fixed seat for consultants, because most consultants are required to work in client’s sites for projects. Instead, we have many hot seats which the consultants only need to login their id and password into the desktop and phone on desk. The consultants working on a project are sitting in another quiet room which is convenient to discuss with their team members. Sales team locates between the consultants and managers sections. This design makes every staff easy and efficient to communicate and to build a good relationship. In the consultant area, there is no personal stuff, but many big plants around the area. It makes me feel to work in a professional and comfortable environment.

I like the design of the office, but I would like to go out for projects rather than stay in the office. Hopefully, I will have some training courses in Paris first, then start my project in client’s site in a near future.

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