It was very excited for me to go to my first Christmas party hold by the company. It was also a good chance for me to compare differences between English Christmas party and Taiwanese year end party.

In the party, I met a lot of consultants which is working in clients’ sites and hardly to be found in the office. Before the dinner, I went around people to say hello and to have short chats like the other people did in the bar. Because I was so new in the company, I did not know everyone’s background and position in the company. Hence, I asked everyone I met which department and job you are doing. It was a shame that I ask the same questions to some senior managers, partners and founders. However, all of them were very friendly to me and also gave me some helpful suggestions at the early stage in the company.
Another interesting thing I found in the party is that most people were very happy to join the company because of the chance to learn a lot of things from projects and experienced colleagues. An Italian was proud to tell me that he spent four months to work and travel around 8 countries in 4 continents this year. In the end of the party, he was awarded a prize from the chairman for his contributions to the company this year. The enthusiasm and passion from everyone in the company really encouraged me to keep going on my job.

A slight difference between the English Christmas and Taiwanese year end party was not expected before I attend the party. In every Taiwanese year end party, employers always provide a lot of prizes and gifts to reward their employees’ hard working. Everyone in the party can have one or many chance to win a big prize like a car or two round trip flight tickets to Europe plus 10 holidays. I was expecting the prizes in the Christmas party, but it did not happen and made me a little bit disappointed.

Overall, I enjoyed the party very much and was very happy to meet a lot of people there. I look forward to joining projects with them next year.
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